• normal person: oh wow this lid is really hard to open, could you help?
    • hunter x hunter fan: wow this lid is really hard to open IT MUST BE SEALED WITH NEN

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    • Gon: Killua, I feel really happy when I'm with you.
    • Killua: Why do you say that?
    • Gon: On this island, since most of the people are fishermen, there are few kids. I can only study at home through home-schooling. So for me to have a friend of the same age, Killua, you're the first.
    • Killua: I'm the same. Even though I leave home to go out a lot, most of the time it was for the purpose of training to be an assassin. I learned to defend my life at an early age. Gon, you're my first friend.
    • Gon: Killua, are you happy being with me?
    • Killua: Well, I guess.
    • Gon: Then we'll always be together from now on! We'll go to many different places together, see many different things together. I'll search for my father. Killua, you can do what you want too. It will be fun!

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